Thermo SYP Cladding

Softwood which can compete with hardwood - too good to be true? Not at all! Allow us to introduce you to products made of thermo treated Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) – strong and resistant softwood with high density, good treatability and beautiful exotic appearance.
Thermo wood is being made by treating natural wood in very high temperatures (210 * C) with hot air and water steam. The process is 100% natural and green, no chemicals are used duringthe treatment. It changes the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the wood. As a result, the wood is uniformly dark-colored, with increased stability and resistance to rot and weather conditions.

Southern Yellow Pine (hereinafter SYP):
- one of the most common type of construction wood used in
the world
- the strongest softwood with highest density of all structural
lumber species
- originating from US (today mostly from plantations) not
developing countries
- thermo treatment has yet an improving eff ect on all the good
characteristics of the wood
- after treatment suitable for both interior and exterior use
- beautiful knot-free appearance and dark color resembles
exotic species
- color and structure similar to Western red cedar, but available
with cheaper price and longer lengths

Genetrade Eesti OÜ is offering thermo treated SYP cladding. By choosing thermo SYP, you ´ll get weather-resistant, long-lasting, ecological, eye-catching cladding.