Thermo Ash Decking

Constructing wooden terraces has become more and more popular of late, and the range of wood that can be used for decking is quite extensive. A lot of exotic species of wood are also used as terrace boards to produce unique and exciting solutions.
An excellent alternative to these is thermo-processed wood. Since thermal processing only uses heat and steam, the ecological purity of the wood is retained. The result of such processing is that the material achieves an even colour throughout the wood, becoming darker and more weather and rot-resistant.
The ash terrace boards we offer have undergone thermal processing, giving them their exotic dark brown colour. Any terrace constructed using this decking is sure to be eye-catching. Of particular note is the greater stability of thermally processed terrace boards compared to natural wood – their risk of swelling is reduced to a minimum. A range of finishing materials will provide your completed terrace with its attractive dark brown surface.
In outdoor conditions, thermally processed wood will fade when exposed to UV rays and other weather conditions. However, there are materials you can use on the wood for UV protection if you wish to avoid this.
Our thermally processed ash decking is perfect for use by architects and builders and will give interior designers a whole range of new and interesting ideas for indoor solutions.