Sauna Goods

In Northern countries saunas have been used for centuries for its well known health benefits including stress relief, muscle relaxation, skin cleansing, improving heart activity, burning calories, improving immune system and much much more. Sauna has been a holy place for Estonians for thousands of years – both birth and death took usually part in sauna.

Hot Finnish sauna is known all over the world. It is also the most popular type of saunas in Estonia, besides that we also have barrel saunas, hot tubs, infra-red saunas, tent saunas, steam saunas and our old traditional smoke saunas.

Runforest is offering sauna bench boards and wall cladding made of local aspen, alder and little bit more exotic thermo aspen. All these species are especcially popular in Baltics, Finland and Russia – in countries where healthy benefits of saunas are being most enjoyed!

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