Birch is even colour, with a white or light reddish-brown tone, and the heartwood is not clearly distinguishable. In terms of strength it is similar to European beech (Fagus). The wood is resilient, but also elastic and ideal for processing and finishing, which makes it perfect for use in the production of plywood, furniture and skis. Birch is often used in Europe, USA and Asia for living room and bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture and for the frames of upholstered furnishing. 

Runforest offers birch for the furniture and the wholesale industry in a wide range of sizes and grades. Our wood is being slowly and carefully kiln dried with special kilning programs maintaining desired white color of birch, avoiding cracks and deformation and achieving equal moisture level. 

Sawn goods are being graded in order to make the most out of the wood in best economical way. We have special grades developed to suit best for the cabinet, finger-jointing, sofa frames and many more.  

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